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Essential information Non Profit and For Purpose board members should know | taught by Robert Crowe
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Robert Crowe
Robert Crowe
Facilitator . Coach . Skills Developer

About the instructor

Based in Sydney, I work with clients nationally and abroad in Asia and New Zealand, providing a range of facilitation and training solutions to develop skills and core capabilities that help boards, individuals and executive teams to maximise effectiveness, efficiency, and growth for their organisation.

My services are based on pragmatic facilitation and training that resonates, is relevant, and delivers results while incorporating coaching and skills development. All services are tailored to align with organisational goals, customer requirements, and sustainable high performance.

Giving back to our communities provides us with a greater sense of purpose and allows us to make a positive impact on society whilst we gain a deeper understanding of people from all walks of life. There’s nothing else really quite like showing up as ourselves to inspire change in our communities.

Being part of a Not for Profit board is a great way to challenge the status quo but is not without it’s difficulties and frustrations.

This course is ideal if:

  1. You want to join a Not for profit board (or just have) because I believe it is a great way to make a positive impact on our society, feel a greater sense of purpose and, at the same time, grow my network (a win win win) but I have no idea what I’m doing or what this involves (this is me!)
  2. You've joined a not for profit board but I’m out of my depth on how to contribute, I’m feeling bad about the situation, lacking confidence, and worried about the risk I’ve taken on
  3. You've been on a non-profit for a while and we’re getting nowhere. I want to do my due diligence but don’t have the funds to invest in doing a full directorship (eg. AICD course) maybe there’s something simple I can start with right now to get me up to speed.

In this course we provide you with everything you need to feel confident in taking on a directorship and being part of a Not for Profit board to make a real difference.

Come up to speed quickly so that you can be more productive and make your contribution count. Essential information includes:

  1. What does the board do?
  2. What is my role as a member or non executive director?
  3. What are my rights and responsibilities?
  4. What Skills do I need?
  5. Key concepts relating to NFP board directorship
  6. Getting your head around all the issues, opportunities and idiosyncrasies of the organisation
  7. Being informed, Offering expertise and opinion and Making informed decisions

Course Contents

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